About Tara Group

We, TARA Group of Companies are proud to introduce ourselves as specialist in Manufacturing of Cast Aluminum Gates, Fencing, Staircase, Balustrade, Grills and Automated System Car Park Barriers, Gates, Overhead Section Doors, Installation of Security System like CCTV Cameras and Intercom Services.

Our group service are extended to heavy steel structures, car park sheds, helipads, staircase and decorative iron works and stainless steel works. Apart from this, aluminum and UPVC Extruded profile windows, doors, curtain wall, structural glazing are also manufactured in our subsidiary companies.

Because of extreme weather changes in the state of UAE most of the metals are having the tendency of getting corroded. However our powder coating system prevents the surface detoriation over a guaranteed period, which is acceptable by all the customers, with appreciations.

We also extend our thanks to the Engineers, Contractors, and Consultants and UAE Municipality for giving approvals for the cast aluminum and other metal works. Due to these approvals, it enables us to prove the quality service and introduce our products to the UAE market. As we are certified to the standard of ISO 9001-2008, Quality Management Service with best experience in the field of total solutions for metal casting and fabrication, hoisted our services to the flagship status, in the UAE market. We invite the valued customer to contact our Head Office. For any clarification and suggestions on design enquiries.

Md's Message

TARA GROUP is one of the pioneers in the UAE market for rendering services to the construction industries. Activities are focused to metal casting, steel and stainless steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication and general constructions. Our motto is quality without compromising. We ensure quality at effective cost to the satisfaction of our valuable customers. TARA is secured with the position of the flagship status in this trade with an excellent record of very large and appreciating clientele.

TARA's current operating philosophy is always focused on top quality which is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard. TARA recognizes the importance of the in time, every time service delivery process and implements continuous improvement concepts to monitor our work process and to identify opportunities for service improvement.

TARA Management recognizes the importance of excellent communication. Each and every staff have a clear and precise information about our steady growth and profitability in the market, which is an impact of unblemished services rendered by our staff and work force. It makes me proud to see that each staff carry out their duties always keeping the customers first in mind with a high sense of morality and responsibility as members of TARA family.

Our management approach is achieving goals and targets through our special mix of skills, dedication, planning, expertise and team efforts, perfected by experience. Our clients advocate this as well. Innovation and flexibility go hand in hand. We believe in providing high level of customer satisfaction, quality without compromising. Existence of TARA is only because of support from our valued customers. We always welcome customer suggestions and proposals for our continuous development and fruitful customer relationship. Please contact me on email: skgupta.gupta@yahoo.com with your valuable suggestions

Chairman: S.KGupta